Tutorial videos

Course 001

Environment Concept Art

Forest Temple
Duration : 11: 07 Hours – 22 HD Videos  (1200 × 720 )

Step by step, from A to Z, Creating an imaginary landscape concept art by Behzad Sohrabi. Here the artist analyse segments into their various elements including the rocks , earth, river, plants and aged tree to tell the story behind and enlighten how the fundamentals of drawing and illustration are applied to achieve each aspect practically …

Course 002

Character Design _ 001

Primitive Warrior
Duration : 07: 43 Hours – 14 HD Videos  (1200 × 720 )

This is the ultimate guide to drawing a human figure! How to create a 2D structure of human form in a complete process that takes place after characterisation? This course involves defining the specific physical appearance of the character in 14 tutorial videos …

Course 003

Artistic Digital 2D Sculpture

Cubic Collection 01
Duration : 05:18 Hours – 11 HD Videos  (1200 × 720 )

This artworks is done completely in Photoshop, a 2D digital canvas, so in this professional course we design a modern sculpture of a human body on a geometry cube- base. By default we have at least 4 light sources in this scene which is included a key-light, 2 reflectors and a rim-light …

Course 004

Character Design _ 002

Zulin The King
Duration : 3 : 23 Hours , 8 HD Videos (1200 × 720 )

Would you like to know more on how to finish an imaginary creature face with special technique and professional tricks, fast and effective just in few hours? You as character designer should look into the entire style and concept of a character`s personality deeply. The viewers do not expect to see just a unfeeling face or dried body, but they want your character expresses the emotion with …

Course 005

Character Design - Warrior

Duration : 11 : 15 Hours – 20 Videos

How to start a storytelling illustration with a figurative structure? How to change the basic shapes and wide strokes to to a complex character to a specific character and different characteristics?
How to handle and represent a plenty number of objects in a body parts, finalize designing and enhance with details? In this course you will learn how to draw with a rough estimate of the proportions of the body with wide lines and surfaces.

Course 006

Digital Sketching

Duration : 1 Hour – 1 Video FullHD ( 1800 x 1080 )

In this black and white short video tutorial, you will learn how to start with a light sketch, a light outline as picture space and understand the best time to add the details, place the dark values gradually and find how to transfer your traditional knowledge of drawing to your digital canvas. Turn your simple design to a rich piece of visual work and a complex of elements and artistic movement by tips and tricks.

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